Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message
 It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve as the Wayne County Superintendent of Education. My goal is to develop life-long learners who will be successful and contribute to society. You can be certain the district will continue to do whatever it takes to put our students and their needs first. 
 I have had the opportunity to engage a cross section of Wayne County School District and the citizens its serves in open, honest and frank discussions. I have listened and learned. Now is the time for leadership. 
 WCSD assets far outweigh our deficits, and the opportunities for growth are limitless. I want to work in partnership with the members of the Wayne County School Board to realize our district's potential for greatness 
 The agenda for the next four years will be challenging and rewarding. We will demonstrate significant institutional progress to balance the FY budgets and prioritize student academic achievement and career readiness. District employees, the Board, students, parents, business leaders and external stakeholders will be called upon to help re-envision, refocus and uplift the WCSD. 
 Moving forward, we will continue to build consensus and establish mutually beneficial partnerships with stakeholders throughout Wayne County. We will strive to be recognized as an elite public school district. I am convinced that our best days are yet to come. 
Bobby Jones, 
Superintendent of Education


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