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The student will develop a lifelong love of learning


The student will attain meta-cognition in the cognitive domain.


The student will attain meta-cognition in the affective domain.


The student will become a self-directed learner

Wayne County School District STRETCH
Instructional Management Plan Components
1. Thinking Skills
2. Creativity
3.Group Dynamics
4. Affective Skills/Personal Development
5. Visual/Performing Arts
6. Career Exploration and Life Skills

Skills, Training, Research for Exceptional and Talented Children
Philosophy/Mission Statement
The mission of the Wayne County STRETCH program is to provide exceptionally gifted and talented students with the opportunity, atmosphere, and training conducive to stretching their imaginations, creativity, curiosity, and understanding about the world in which they live. The program will inspire provocative questioning, creative thinking, observation, and research as an outgrowth of the special interests and self-directed efforts of each child through a broad range of ideas and topics.

Through an enhanced environment, the special needs of the gifted learner will be addressed and a lifelong love of learning will be instilled. The students will be engaged in a stimulating curriculum that will foster metacognition in both the affective and cognitive domains, enabling them to excel in all phases of their personal and professional lives in an ever-changing world.

Characteristics of Gifted Children
Learns easily, quickly.
Original, imaginative, creative, unconventional.
Widely informed, informed in unusual areas.
Thinks of unusual ways to solve problems.
Persistent, resourceful, self-directed (does things without being told).
Persuasive, able to influence others.
Shows common sense, may not tolerate foolishness.
Inquisitive, skeptical, curious about knowing the how and why.
Adapts to a variety of situations, new surroundings.
Clever at making things out of ordinary material.
Abilities in the arts (music, dancing, drawing, etc.).
Understands the importance of nature (weather, moon, sun, stars, soil, etc.)
Outstanding vocabulary, verbally fluent.
Easily learns new languages.
Independent worker, shows initiative.
Good judgment. Logical.
Flexible, open.
Versatile, many interests, interests go beyond chronological age.
Shows unusual insights.
Shows high level of sensitivity, empathy toward others.
Has excellent sense of humor.
Resists routine and drill.
Expresses ideas and reactions in an argumentative way.
Sensitive to truth and honor.
Excerpted from The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide
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