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Semester One

1st Nine Weeks

Prepositions/Prepositional Phrases

Four Types of Sentences

Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences

Compound Subjects and Predicates

Selected Reading from Literature Book

Unit 1, 2

**Writing Process - is emphasized in ALL grading periods

**Standard English Mechanics and grammar taught in ALL grading periods

Writing - Patriot's Pen

2nd Nine Weeks

Nouns: common/proper, singular/plural, possessive, collective, abstract/concrete, appositives

Verbs: action, linking, helping, verb tense, subject/verb agreement, direct/indirect objects, transitive/intransitive, 

Predicate nouns/adjectives


Adjectives: comparative/superlative

Adverbs: comparative/superlative

Selected Reading from Literature Book

Unit 3


Writing Assignment - Essay/Oranges

Semester Two

3rd Nine Weeks

Double Negatives

Adjective/Adverb Clauses, Phrases, both essential/nonessential

Punctuation, interjections

Writing Assignment - Biographical Narrative 

Pronoun Study - possessive, personal, antecedents, indefinite

Reading Fair Project Mandatory - Due in January

Poetry Project - Unit 4 from Literature Book - Mandatory (also includes writing)

4th Nine Weeks

Review and Preparations for PBA and EOY Testing


Mechanics and Grammar Review

Compound, Complex Sentences 

Sentence Strengthening

Subject/Verb Agreement

Pronouns Subjective/Objective

Text Structure

Unit 5-6 Literature Book -  Myths and Folklore

Author's Point of View

Figurative Language

Fiction/Nonfiction Texts

Persuasive Techniques

Theme/Central Idea

Writing Assignment -