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TSW; Be working in Chapter 14.TSW: Describe why conflict arose over the issue of slavery in the West after the Mexican- American War. TSW:Identify the goal of the Free Soil Party. TSW: Summarize the main points of the Compromise of 1850. TSW: Describe the impact of the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. TSW: Explain why the Republican Party came into being in the 1850's. TSW: Summarize the issues involved in the Dred Scott decision. TSW: Identify Abraham Lincoln's and Stephen Douglas views on slavery. TSW: Summarize the events that led to the outbreak of the Civil War.  January4- 16th.           TSW; work Chapter 15 which is The Civil War. TSW: Look at the call to arms, The early years of the War, The Emancipation Proclamation, TSW; Explain how opposition to the war caused problems for both sides.Identify the reasons that both sides passed draft laws. We will look at the contributions of women to the war effort.TSW: Compare the different strategies used by the North and the South. TSW: Describe the conditions soldiers in camp faced.    January 17th- 30th.              TSW: Discuss the Emancipation Proclamation and the  Effect. TSW; Explain how African Americans helped the Union Army. TSW; Discuss how the war divioded the North and the South. TSW: Explain the draft laws and how some people could avoid them. TSW; Discuss the ways women contributed to the war effort. TSW: Explain the draft laws and how some people could avoid them. TSW: Identify the ways war affected Northern and  Southern economies.    March 27- April 4. TSW: Describe how the United States became a whole country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. TSW: Describe how more immigrants moved into the country.  April 10- 21  TSW: Discuss the Spanish conquest of empires in the America's. TSW: Discuss the first Spanish explorers who traveled in what is now the United States. TSW: Discuss how religious and economic differences created conflict among European countries and changed the balance of power. TSW: Discuss the last serious attempts to find a Northwest passage to Asia. TSW: Describe the impact of European settlements on Native Americans in North America.TSW: Discuss the French and Dutch settlements in North America.TSW: Describe the impact of European settlements on North Americans in North America.