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WCHS phone: 601-735-2851

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Welcome Newsletter

 Hello, I am Ms. Shelia Skinner and I teach physical science, Introduction to Biology and Biology at Wayne County High School. I am licensed in biology, chemistry, and general science. I have a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. This is my sixteenth year at WCHS. While at WC I have taught physical science, biology, science skills & reasoning, botany, zoology, and anatomy and physiology. I also taught two years prior to coming to WCHS. Feel free to contact me during school hours at 601-735-2851 or by emailing me a  My planning period is 2nd block.  I look forward to communicating with you to help make WCHS an even more successful professional learning community.

My goal is to increase the student’s knowledge to the highest level possible.

To indicate this we have set the following three goals for our students:

  • Increase the percentage of students passing the Biology State Exam (SATP2) to 100 percent.
  • Increase the percentage of high school students who meet college- and career-readiness goals to at least 85 percent.
  • Provide all students with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to prepare them for success in college and the workforce.

                                         Course Component Specifics

~ I expect 100% effort and cooperation for each student.  If a student needs help with an assignment, he/she is expected to ask for help.

~Each student should be prepared to learn and participate each day.  My classroom is very active, so students will be required to participate.

 ~Students are allowed and encouraged to help each other, but not to give each other answers.  Cheating is not helping.  Cheating is lying and I do not tolerate lying in my classroom.

Behavior System

General Classroom Rules include:

                Enter and leave class quietly

                Stay seated unless given permission

                Raise your hand for permission to speak

                Show respect to other students, teachers, admistrators, and any other staff  at all times

                Ask for help when needed.

                Follow all school rules.

                                            Required materials

~ Pencil with eraser to use daily or Ink pen to use daily (blue or black ink only)

~ 2 inch binder or notebook

***All tests will be answered in pencil.

Experimentation is an essential part of this course.  A $20.00 lab fee is required of each student.  Students are expected to participate in laboratory experiments. They will be graded according to cooperation, participation, creativity, and the ability to follow instructions.  Students will also have written lab assignments.

                                    Course Requirements and Grading

There will be a test and vocabulary quizzes with each unit.  You will also be graded on “bell ringers”, homework, class work, lab work,  and “daily quizzes”.   Occasionally you will be assigned a project.  You are expected to do the research for this project on your own time.  The school library is open at 7:00 each morning and after school, and the public library is also available for your use.  Most students now have internet access in the home, at a relative’s, or friend’s home.

Grade will be Earned based on the following:   

         40% Minor grades (Quizzes, Labs, projects, Class work, Pre-bells, Homework)

         60% Major grades (Weekly test, Unit Tests, Semester Test)

                                           Reminders and Resources    

The use of technology is a wonderful tool for education. With that said, I will use a variety of technologies within and outside of the classroom. is a virtual texting service that allows students instant contact with teachers without sharing phone numbers or other personal information.      

1st block students/parents should text  @61c823 to 81010

3rd block students/parents should text @b5fd8 to 81010

4th block students/parents should text @b5fd86 to 81010

Google Classroom is an amazing tool that I use to share slideshows, notes, videos, and links to students. This web-based technology allows students vital resources virtually anywhere there is internet access. 

To log in simply follow the link at the top of the page or go to google

 students/parents should log on using class codes:

1st block students/parents    t5x451

3rd block students/parents    nr3p2hs

4th block students/parents     z0cuq30             

                                                 How to Reach Me

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about any aspect of your child’s education.  You may reach me by calling the high school or by email.  See the information and link at the top of the page. Please call if you have questions or to schedule an appointment. If we are  unavailable, we will get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hours).

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