Monday Letters & Scope of Learning

Week of August 11, 2014


Reading Words for the week


High Frequency Words:    I       am


Amazing Words:  first   second   third    fourth   fifth    sixth


Math numbers and words


One     two    three    four    five   1     2     3    4    5


Comments/Reminders:  We are off to a great start this year.  I know we are going to have a great year and learn a lot of new things and have fun doing it. Mrs. Retha and  I look forward to teaching  your child and watching them discover new things.


Every night study the flashcards with your child.


You have till Thursday to pay for a War Eagle shirt, $13.00.






Don’t forget to pay you child’s activity fee ($12) before the end of year.  Activity fee must be paid or your child will not receive their report card.


Please Join the PTO!



Help your child with homework each night.



Make sure they get a plenty of rest.


Make sure they are on time for school and do not leave early.


Please send BOX TOPS!



If you need to contact me please call 601.735.2205.


Mrs. Pitts/ Mrs. Retha