Gifted Characteristics

Characteristics of Gifted Students

Learns easily, quickly.

Original, imaginative, creative, unconventional.

Widely informed, informed in unusual areas.

Thinks of unusual ways to solve problems.

Persistent, resourceful, self-directed (does things without being told).

Persuasive, able to influence others.

Shows common sense, may not tolerate foolishness.

Inquisitive, skeptical, curious about knowing the how and why.

Adapts to a variety of situations, new surroundings.

Clever at making things out of ordinary material.

Abilities in the arts (music, dancing, drawing, etc.).

Understands the importance of nature

(weather, moon, sun, stars, soil, etc.)

Outstanding vocabulary, verbally fluent.

Easily learns new languages.

Independent worker, shows initiative.

Good judgment. Logical.

Flexible, open.

Versatile, many interests, interests go beyond chronological age.

Shows unusual insights.

Shows high level of sensitivity, empathy toward others.

Has excellent sense of humor.

Resists routine and drill.

Expresses ideas and reactions in an argumentative way.

Sensitive to truth and honor.

Excerpted from The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide