2013-2014 Plan of Action



Evaluation 2013-2014

Plan of Action 2014-2015

          The Waynesboro Middle School STRETCH program provided differentiated instruction to 28 students in grades five through eight during the 2013-2014 school year. At the end of the year, STRETCH Instructor Fay Wells solicited input from students, parents, building administrators, and regular education teachers on the program’s performance. The collected data was analyzed and revealed the following information:

Evaluation Results

          The STRETCH program received excellent marks in all areas assessed from all those participating in the evaluation. Marked improvements were shown in the evaluation of self by the students. On all areas evaluated, 70 percent or more of students responded they were now more or much more skilled in those areas that they were at the beginning of the year. Ninety percent or better of students felt they had grown more or much more in the areas of knowing their strengths and their ability to think things through for myself. The area earning the lowest rating was the ability to be organized.

          The program itself received high marks from the building administrators, parents, the students, and the regular education teacher. The building administrators unanimously agreed that the students exhibited a positive attitude toward the program and that the STRETCH teacher shared resources pertaining to the needs of gifted children.

All parents participating reported that the STRETCH program had been a positive influence on the child’s attitude toward school and that the child had a positive attitude about the program. The weakest area identified was having a realistic picture of the child’s progress in the program. It received an 85 percent rating

          The students gave 100 percent ratings on two of the 14 areas surveyed. Students reported that they had been given the opportunity to learn about, develop, and/or use research skills and had had the opportunity to learn about, understand, and accept his/her feelings, gifts, and learning styles. The lowest areas assessed were using a variety of ways to learn (88 percent) and challenging activities (77 percent).

          The teachers also gave positive responses in all of the areas surveyed.

The STRETCH instructor was also given high marks by the students. Ninety six percent of the students reported that the teacher had given them a chance to decide units and that they understood what the teacher meant for them to learn from the activity. This is a significant increase in this area. Only 74 percent said they understood the goal of the assignment last year.

Plan of Action

The excellent ratings earned by the program indicate that the program is performing well. The teacher will continue to build upon the foundation established in the 2013-2014 school year. Based on the findings, the following plan will be implemented during the 2014-2015 school year.

The teacher will implement organizational activities and will check notebooks periodically to check for organization. The teacher will begin sending weekly assessment notes home to parents. The teacher will also strengthen the rigor of the assignments given in class.

Goal 1: Students will participate in project-based learning.

Goal 2: Students will perform in various school-related programs.

          The teacher will continue to strive for clarity in the understanding of objectives and outcomes of planned assignments.