Transition Words

Transition Words in Given Categories


Reason/                                                                                    Time/

Cause & Effect                        Contrast                                  Frequency                   Condition

consequently                           otherwise                                  frequently                      if

so                                            however                                     again                             even if

because                                   but                                            now and then

knowing that                           even though                              at the same time

given that                                although                                    occasionally

accordingly                              instead                                     since

since                                        though                                      most of the time

for                                           nevertheless                              continuously

therefore                                 instead                                      nearly always

thus                                         on the contrary                         infrequently

or else                                     while                                         immediately

                                                yet                                            almost constantly









Addition          Comparison                 Intensification             Clarification                Choice

also                  likewise                          to be sure                    in other words             or

too                                                          indeed                         for instance                 nor (negative)

furthermore                                                                                 for example

as well as