August 28,2017

August 28, 2017

Dear Parents,

          We are off to a great start! Grade sheets were sent home today with your child’s current grades on it. This week in science we will be studying photosynthesis and the life cycle of a plant. In math, we will continue adding decimals with regrouping, counting coins, and telling time to the nearest half hour. In language, we will read Chapter 4 of The Wizard of Oz.  We will do a comprehension test on Chapters 1-4. We will also continue working with nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  

          Next Monday, September 4 will be a holiday.  Friday night we will play Jefferson Davis at home.


Mrs. McCaa

Science Words:                                              

Photosynthesis –the process in which a plant makes food

Pigment- a chemical that absorbs certain types of light

Chlorophyll- the green pigment in plants that captures light energy for photosynthesis

Students will need to label these parts of a plant

Stem                                     Flower

Leaves                                  Roots

Stomata                               Seed