August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017

Dear Parents,

          This week we are covering food chains and food webs in science. In math, we are adding with decimals and regrouping. We will continue to work in The Wizard of Oz during language arts. We will also be working with nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

          Friday, the students will test on science vocabulary, adding with decimals and regrouping, The Wizard of Oz –chapter 3 vocabulary, and nouns and verbs.

Science Vocabulary-

  1. Food chain- the order of organisms in an ecosystem
  2. Producers-an organism that makes its own food- plants
  3. Consumers- an organism that feeds on other organisms
  4. Herbivores- a consumer that eats only plants
  5. Carnivores- a consumer that eats only animals
  6. Omnivores- a consumer that eats both plants and animals
  7. Food Web- all the food chains in an ecosystem that are linked to one another
  8. Decomposers- continue the food chain by feeding on dead organisms

The Wizard of Oz Vocabulary

Pleasant- agreeable

Rough- not gentle, violent or boisterous

Gazed- look steadily or intently

Amazement-surprise greatly

Groan- make a deep sound in response to pain or despair

Cautiously-in a way that deliberately avoids potential problems or dangers

Perched- sit somewhere, especially on something high or narrow

Tedious- long, slow or dull; tiresome

Obliged- indebted or grateful

Thoughtfully- with consideration for the needs of other people