Parent Letter

Wayne County High School

1325 Azalea Drive

Waynesboro, MS 39367

Phone 601-735-1389

Robert Hathorn, Supervising Principal


DATE: Friday, August 4, 2017

TO: Parents/Guardians of 9th Grade English I Students

FROM: Jennifer Dawson, 9th & 11th Grade English Teacher



I am excited about the upcoming school year in English I with your child, and I am determined to help prepare your child for his/her future after high school. Because I encourage parental involvement in my class, I wanted to share some important details about my class.


My grading policy will be outlined on the syllabus, and I usually give multiple grades per week. I usually do not take longer than a week to have all of my students’ work graded. It is your child’s responsibility to keep up with his/her own grades throughout the school year.


You can access your child’s grades on Parent Portal. 


My English class may be a challenge for my students; however, I will work hard to motivate and teach my students to the best of my ability. I will need your child’s cooperation throughout the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at 601-735-1389. I check my email multiple times a day, so you can also contact me at Thank you in advance.



Jennifer Dawson

WCHS Faculty