WMS Plan of Action 2017-2018




Evaluation 2016 – 2017

Plan of Action 2017 – 2018


            The Waynesboro Middle School STRETCH program provided differentiated instruction to 42 students in grades five through eight during the 2016-2017 school year. At the end of the year STRETCH Instructor Fay Wells solicited input from students, parents, building administrators, and regular education teachers on the program’s performance. The collected data were analyzed and revealed the following information:


Evaluation Results

            The STRETCH program received excellent marks in all areas assessed. The areas identified as weak in the previous year’s report showed tremendous gains. A 27-point increase was noted in the area of student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. The weakest area identified in this year’s student’s assessment of self was in the ability to write better (especially creatively). Only 72 percent of students felt that they had gained more or much more in this area. Discussions with the students resulted in suggestions of creating posters of the RACES and OREO strategies. Pamela Lang suggested giving students weekly challenge words where they would work as groups to develop synonyms which would then be used in a writing assignment.

            In the student’s evaluation of the program, all areas evaluated received a 94 percent or better rating. Seven of the 14 areas assessed received 100 percent ratings, three received 97 percent ratings, and the remaining four received 94 percent ratings. In class discussion of the results, the students requested more hands-on engineering units.

            The parents also gave high marks to the program. Of the five areas assessed, four received 100 percent ratings. This includes the area of parents feeling that the teacher had made an effort to communicate with them. This is a 29 percent increase from the previous year. The instructor implemented suggestions made by Pamela Lang to add Class Dojo as a means for communicating with parents and also created a monthly newsletter. The only area receiving less than a 100-percent rating was the parent having a realistic picture of the child’s progress in the gifted classroom. Mrs. Lang suggested adding to the quarterly evaluation sheet a short list of activities completed. In discussions with the students, they suggested sending graded papers home to the parents.

            Both the regular education teachers and building administrators gave the program 100 percent ratings on all areas assessed. All suggested more performances as a way to improve the program and cited lack of funds as a weakness.

            The students also gave excellent marks in assessing STRETCH Instructor Fay Wells. She received 100 percent ratings on two of the five areas assessed and 97 percent ratings on the other three. The lowest area assessed last year (understanding what the teacher meant from the student to learn) showed a 7 percent growth from the previous year.

Plan of Action

            The excellent ratings received by the program indicate that the program is performing well. The teacher will continue to implement the strategies that have been proven effective and will implement new strategies to strengthen the weak areas. The following plan will be followed:

            The students will be encouraged to participate in the quarterly PTO programs to address the suggestions for more performances provided by the building administrators and the faculty. The teacher will also implement more writing activities and provide opportunities for students to create posters on the various strategies. The teacher will also revise the quarterly co-evaluation sheet to provide more knowledge to parents about the activities covered in class.


            The following goals are established:


Goal 1: Students will perform in more school-related programs.

Goal 2: Students will participate in more project-based learning.

Goal 3: Students will complete creative writing projects.