Week of 4-10-17

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of April 10, 2017                       







Saxon Phonics






Saxon Spelling


Write a sentence with spelling words 1-6

Write a sentence with spelling words 7-12


ABC Order




Happy Easter

Reading Street

Read Decodable Practice Reader 26A

“Puppy Roundup”



Read Decodable Practice Reader 26B

“Begin to Dance”



Practice Reader 26C

“Time for Bed”

HFW: door, loved, should, wood


Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.


ELA Conventions




Pronouns Test


ELA Writing

Letter to a Character





ELA Research and Inquiry

Identify and Focus Topic


Gather and Record Information

Review and Revise Topic



Topic 14-6

Making Picture Graphs

Topic 14-7

Make a Graph

Topic 14 Test

Easter Party



Spelling Words (Tested)

Reading Street Spelling

  1. mouth
  2. house
  3. found
  4. our
  5. out
  1. cloud
  2. ouch
  3. shout
  4. round
  5. count
  1. loved
  2. wood
  3. should 
  4. door 

*Sight words need to be memorized.


  1. We loved the wood house with the round door.
  2. Should Sandy count the fluffy clouds in the sky?
  3. Ouch, that hurt my mouth!


Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 



If your child does not have an ID or has torn it up, he/she needs to purchase a new one.

    IDs $5.00, Sleeves $1.00, Lanyard $2.00 Total=$8.00


On Thursday, April 13th we will be having our 1st grade Easter Egg Hunt and Party. Each child will need to bring in 12 plastic eggs and 1 bag of wrapped candy (no chocolate) with a basket (no grass). Please send these items by Tuesday, April 11th so that we can get an accurate count.


I need volunteers to send items for the party:

Cookies: Kaitlyn Pickens

Mini Cupcakes: