Week of 4-3-17

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of April 3, 2017                       







Saxon Phonics

Lesson 126

Suffixes –er, -est

Lesson 127

Suffix -ful

Lesson 128

Prefix un-



Lesson 129

Prefixes pre-, dis-

Lesson 130

Phonics Test 25

Saxon Spelling


Write a sentence with spelling words 1-6

Write a sentence with spelling words 7-12


ABC Order



Spelling Test 23

Reading Street

Read Decodable Practice Reader 25A

“Browny the Clown”



Read Decodable Practice Reader 25B

“A Bundle of Shirts”



Practice Reader 25C

“Don’t Stumble”


HFW: along, behind, eyes, never, pulling, toward

Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.

ELA Conventions

Imperative Sentences




Imperative Test

ELA Writing

Animal Fantasy





ELA Research and Inquiry

Identify and Focus Topic

Research Skill

Gather and Record Information

Review and Revise Topic



Topic 14-2

Using Data from Picture Graphs

Topic 14-3

Using Data from Bar Graphs

Topic 14-4

Collecting Data Using Tally Marks

Topic 14-5

Making Real Graphs


Topic 14-6

Making Picture Graphs

Spelling Words (Tested)

Saxon Spelling

  1. pages
  2. hold
  3. kind
  4. draw
  1. about
  2. over
  3. yellow
  4. foundation
  1. mention
  2. fantastic
  3. today *
  4. once *

*Sight words need to be memorized.


1. “I will bring hot dogs and buns,” said Pam.  2. Who would like to plan some games to play?  3.  Can we swim in the lake at the park?  4.  We should invite Beth to come along.



Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 



If your child does not have an ID or has torn it up, he/she needs to purchase a new one.

    IDs $5.00, Sleeves $1.00, Lanyard $2.00 Total=$8.00



Thank you parents for having your child at PTO.  The children worked so hard and the program turned out so cute.


Thank you parents for participating in the Coke sales.