Week of 2-13-17

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of February 13, 2017                       







Saxon Phonics

Winter Break

Lesson 96

Suffix -es


Lesson 97


ou, ow



Lesson 98

Spelling with ou and ow

Lesson 99

The Rules vclccv

and vcclcv


Lesson 100

Assessment 19

Saxon Spelling



Write a sentence with spelling words 1-6

Write a sentence with spelling words 7-12


ABC Order


Test 17

Reading Street


Read Decodable Practice Reader 20A

“Peaches and Cream”



Read Decodable Practice Reader 20B

“Bill Tried”



Practice Reader 20C

“A Day at the Park”

Read “Cinderella”

HFW: draw, drew, colors, over, great, sign, show

Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.







ELA Conventions


Adjectives for Colors and Shapes




ELA Writing






ELA Research and Inquiry


Identify and Focus Topic

Picture Graph

Gather and Record Information

Review and Revise Topic



Topic 11-4

Using Mental Math to Subtract Tens

Topic 11-5

Subtracting from a Two-Digit Number

Topic 11-6

Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence

Topic 11 Test

Spelling Words (Tested)

Saxon Spelling

  1. way
  2. try
  3. such
  4. part
  1. glass
  2. stuff
  3. former
  4. show
  1. letter
  2. barnyard
  3. sure*
  4. they*

*Sight words need to be memorized.


Jake left his backpack at school.  His spelling list was in it.  Kelvin gave him the list of words to learn.  Jake thanked Kelvin for being willing to help.


Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 



Blue Jean Day is March 10th.