wk of February 13

Mrs. Gulley’s Second Grade News

Week of February 13, 2017


Every night: Practice reading the leveled AR books. We want to meet our AR goal for this nine weeks. Time your child for 1 minute as s/he practice reading the Fry second grade phrases list 13.  Students will be expected to read 75 words per minute. This is for a grade. Reading fluency supports reading comprehension.

Reminder: It is very important for your child to write his/her answers with complete sentences. Underline or highlight evidence in the passages. Practice makes better and everlasting.

See the Student Handbook on the Grading Scale and Passing Requirements

Monday- no school for students         

Tuesday- hw packet (math and reading)    see the time table chart and guide      

Wednesday- hw packet        

Thursday-  hw packet            

Friday- *Spelling test, weekly reading test, plant illustration quiz, test on Fry phrases list 13 (Timed for 1 minute)   

       *Students are expected to write correct and complete sentences with the spelling words.   Do not use “I” or “The” as the subjects.  Write Sentences for:  ?  .   !

Science: Nightly practice drawing, labeling, and writing the functions of the plant’s parts. Students have to remember for the test. Please see the plant rubric for expectations.