wk of January 23

Mrs. Gulley’s Second Grade News

  Week of January 23, 2017


Every night: Practice reading the leveled AR books and asking your child questions. Practice reading Fry second grade phrases list 9 and 10. Study spelling and reading the spelling words each night. Discuss letters and their sounds.   

Monday- see hw packet

Tuesday- see hw packet

Wednesday- see hw packet                    signed paper folder      weekly reading test

Thursday-  reading hw packet due          Unit 3 test on the computer

Friday-   math hw due               Tests: Spelling and Fry phrases                     

I am noticing that some of my students are not AR testing weekly on two books per week. Since the AR books are on the student's reading level, I expect each student to test twice per week. If students are not testing twice per week, they will read and test during recess and/or extra activity time. It is the third nine weeks, and some students have to improve their reading on grade level to move towards third grade. Furthermore, the 3rd nine weeks AR goal is based on the student's reading level. Higher students have to read and test on three books per week. Higher students have to grow as well. I expect all students to make every effective to meet the third nine weeks goal. I know my students can do it. I need my parents to encourage their children to read and test. Reading will never go away. I will include your child’s AR report with the sign paper folder on Wednesday.  


Monday, February 6, 2017


If you are concern about your child’s progress or passing to third grade, please meet with me. Your support and expectations are very important in your child passing second grade. See the Student Handbook on the Grading Scale and Passing Requirements