wk of January 16

Mrs. Gulley’s Second Grade News

     Week of January 17, 2017


Every night: Practice reading the leveled AR books and asking your child questions. Practice reading HFWs (list 9). Study spelling and reading the spelling words each night. Discuss the sounds with your child. Very Important!      

Monday- No school   (MLK, Jr)

Tuesday- see hw packet

Wednesday-  see hw packet         

Thursday-  see hw packet        Signed paper folder

Friday-   math hw only due     Spelling and HFWs Tests   


The reading homework packet is due next Thursday. These are review skills for our Unit 3 test next week.                            

Activity fee $12.00                                               

******Practice reading Fry’s Second Grade phrases list 9 for a test on this Friday.


We are STAR testing math this week. Please encourage your child to put his/her best foot forward. Please expect your child to answer comprehension questions with complete sentences.