Alphabet Project

Geometry ABC Book Project

For this project, you will be learning about a number of Geometry terms by creating an Alphabet Book. The DUE DATE is February 28, 2018. These projects will NOT be accepted after the due date.



You will choose one Geometry term for each letter of the alphabet.


-Your book must have a title page that includes:

· A title for your book

· Your Name

· Class Block


-You must have 1 page per letter of the alphabet. Each page must include:

· The letter of the alphabet

· The geometry term for that letter in large print

· A definition IN YOUR OWN WORDS

· A picture IN COLOR

· An example of where you might see it in the real world or how it might be useful in the real world


This is your chance to be creative! You will not be given class time to work on this project, all of this project needs to be completed at home. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to complete your project.