Week of 11-14-16

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of November 14, 2016                       







Saxon Phonics

Lesson 56

Final, Stable

Syllable -ble

Lesson 57

Final, Stable

syllables –fle, -ple, -dle


Lesson 58

Final, Stable

Syllables –tle, -gle


Lesson 59

Final, Stable

Syllables –cle, -kle, -sle, -zle


Lesson 60

Assessment 11

Saxon Spelling


Write a sentence with spelling words 1-6

Write a sentence with spelling words 7-12

ABC order


Test 9

Reading Street

Distinguish between Long e and /e/.

Read Decodable Practice Reader 12A

“Dee, Lee and the Green Plants”


Segment and Blend Words

Read Decodable Practice Reader 12B



Create Words

Read Decodable Practice Reader 12C

“A Rabbit and a Kitten”



“Honey Bees”

HFW-also, family, new, other, some, their

Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.


Compare and Contrast

Literary Nonfiction




ELA Conventions

Nouns in Sentences

Nouns in Sentences

Nouns in Sentences

Nouns in Sentences


ELA Writing

Expository Paragraph

Write to a Prompt


Write to a Prompt


ELA Research and Inquiry

Identify and Focus Topic

Picture Dictionary

Gather and Record Information

Review and Revise Topic



Topic 7-2

Using Numbers 11 to 19


Topic 7-3

Counting by 10s to 120

Topic 7-4

Counting on a Hundred Chart

Topic 7-5

Using Skip Counting

Topic 7-6

Look for a Pattern

Topic 7 Test


Social Studies






Spelling Words (Tested)

Saxon Spelling

  1. up
  2. but
  3. set
  4. man
  1. them
  2. need
  3. block
  4. stomp
  1. going
  2. upset
  3. come*
  4. there*

*Sight words need to be memorized.


  1. His Friend can go with us.
  2. We need to get that rock.

Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 



November 14th – PTO @ 6:00 – 3rd Grade Host

November 18th – Beco the Magician

November 21st – 25th – Thanksgiving Holiday