October Newsletter


Dear Parents or Guardians,
As a school community, we are deeply committed to providing your child with the best education possible and that includes challenging every student to reach his or her full potential.  It is also essential that you have the best possible information about how your child is doing in school and what areas may need additional focus to make sure he or she has the strong foundation needed for future success. On September 16, 2016, I sent home or mailed letters home to parents or guardians of students who had an average of 64 or below. 
There are several great things going on in our World History classroom. We are about to take an adventurous trip to visit WWI. We will be learning about what caused WWI, what countries were involved, and the costs of the war. I ask that you encourage your child to go along with us on this voyage so that their learning will be made easier. 
There are various ways that you can support your child at home:  

•    Ask your child what they learned in school that day (homework will be given if class work was not completed during class).  
•    Emphasize the importance of hard work and dedication.  
•    Encourage your child to talk with his or her teacher about any questions they may have about class work. 

I’m excited about the lessons to come and appreciate your involvement in our school community!
Please do not wait for formal conferences to discuss any concerns you have with me.  Email me at powelag@wcsdms.com or call me at school (601-735-2851. I look forward to frequent communication with you as we work together to ensure your child’s success!

Lagretta Powe