Week of 9-19-16

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of September 19, 2016                       







Saxon Phonics

Lesson 16

The Letter F

Lesson 17

The Letter H

Lesson 18

The Letter G

Lesson 19

The Letter R

Lesson 20


Saxon Spelling


Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.



Read Decodable Practice Reader 4A

“Big Jobs”

Read Decodable Practice Reader 4B “Packing Bags”

Read Decodable Practice Reader 4C “Rocking and Kicking”


A Fox and a Kit

Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.


Listen Comprehension

Animal Fantasy




ELA Conventions

Declarative Sentences

Declarative Sentences

Declarative Sentences

Declarative Sentences


ELA Writing

Personal Narrative

Interesting Details

Short Poems

Short Poems


ELA Research and Inquiry

Identify and Focus Topic

How to Read a Chart

Gather and Record Information

Review and Revise Topic



Topic 3 Test

Intro to Topic 4

Addition and Subtraction Facts to 12

Topic 4-1

Adding with 0,1,2





Topic 4-2 Doubles

Topic 4-3

Near Doubles

Topic 4-4

Facts with 5 on a Ten-Frame


Weekly Quiz

Spelling Words (Tested)

Saxon Spelling

  1. on
  2. no
  3. not
  4. top
  5. pop
  6. I
  7. in
  8. it
  9. pin
  10. tip


Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 




Homecoming Week-September 19-23-Refer to flyer that went home about special dress for these days.


Fall Festival-October 6th-More information later


Activity Fee is $12.00 and is due as soon as possible.  I have only one parent that has paid.


News from the Librarian:

We will hold a Parent Portal training session on Tuesday, September 27, 5:00 – 6:30 P.M. in the library.  Please enter the campus through the back gate.  If you’d like to email me for your log in credentials, please do so anytime: sauls@wcsdms.com  

Thank you! Sandra Saul