Week of 9-5-16

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of September 5, 2016                       







Saxon Phonics


Lesson 6

The Letter I

Lesson 7

The Letter L

Lesson 8

The Letter A,

Part 1

Lesson 9

The Letter Z

Lesson 10


Reading Street (Spelling)



Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.




Read Decodable Practice Reader 2A

“Did They Win?”

Read Decodable Practice Reader 2B “Fix It”

Read Decodable Practice Reader 2C “Mix and Fix”

Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.

ELA (Language)


Subjects of Sentences

Fantasy Story





Topic 2-10

Connecting Models and Symbols

Topic 2-11 Act It Out


Topic 2 Test

Topic 3 Opener

Five and Ten Relationships

Spelling Words (Tested)

“Pig in a Wig”

  1. six
  2. lip
  3. in
  4. wig
  5. it
  6. she
  7. what
  8. did
  9. mix
  10. sit
  11. pin
  12. fix
  13. take
  14. up


Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 



Correction.  Our spelling words will come from Saxon beginning with Lesson 16. 


Constitution Day Program will be September 16, 2016 @ 9:30.  Children will wear either the navy or white polo shirt this day with uniform shorts and tennis shoes.


Activity Fee is $12.00 and is due as soon as possible.  I have only one parent that has paid.


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