Week of 8-29-16

Mrs. Thompson’s Class Assignments

Homework Week of August 29- September 2, 2016                       







Saxon Phonics

The Letter N

The Letter O, Part 1

The Letter O, Part 2

The Letter T

The Letter P

Reading Street (Spelling)


Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.

Write words 3 times each.



Read Decodable Practice Reader 1A


Read Decodable Practice Reader 1B “The Pack”

Read Decodable Practice Reader 1C “Mack and Tack”


“Sam, Come Back”

Test-This test includes: High-Frequency Words, Phonics and Comprehension.

ELA (Language)







Topic 2-6

Stories about Comparing

Topic 2-7

Stories about Missing Parts

Topic 2-8

All Kinds of Subtraction Stories

Topic 2-9

Connecting Addition and Subtraction

Topic 2-10

Connecting Models and Symbols

Spelling Words (Tested)

“Sam, Come Back”

  1. am
  2. at
  3. back
  4. bat
  5. can
  6. cat
  7. dad
  8. mad
  9. ran
  10. sack
  11. come
  12. my
  13. on
  14. way


Make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Monday and Friday for P.E. 



We started using Saxon Phonics today.  Our spelling words will come from Saxon beginning next week.  This week we will continue using our spelling words from Reading Street.



I will be using an app called “Remind”.  It will allow me to send out group messages to remind parents.  It also allows the parents to text message me.


To subscribe via text:

Enter this number:  81010

Text this message:  @d92873

Then, follow the directions.  You may want to use your child’s name for example:


         John Smith’s Mom     or        Laura Smith’s Dad