Mastery Prep Lessons and Youtube Videos

Mastery Prep Lessons and Youtube Videos


The following Mastery Prep Lessons are matched to Youtube Videos that you can view to reinforce skills in preparation for the ACT. At the time of this posting to my webpage, all Youtube videos could be accessed. If you find any that you are unable to access, please email me at to let me know which video is not accessible so that I can find a replacement. I hope you find the videos helpful!


NOTE: * sad I am unable for locate suitable ACT videos for these lessons. Your best bet is to review your handouts that I gave you for these lessons. If you find a great video, however, please share!


NOTE: * smiley These videos are coming soon, so be on the watch!


Mrs. McKee


An Overview of the ACT -


Lesson 1: Using Commas -





Lesson 2: Pronoun Clarity -  (Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste this address into your browser! Though this is not an ACT Youtube, the skill is well-explained.)

Lesson 3: Apostrophes – (This lesson hits the rules; however, if you'll remember our Fabulous   Fourth Tip about apostrophes to show possession, you'll never have a problem.)

Lesson 4: Confusing Pairs –  *sad Review your handout!

Lesson 5: Subject-Verb Agreement -

Lesson 6: Identify Purpose - *sad Review your handout!

Lesson 7: Redundancy - (Notice that the video link is the same as for Lesson 14: Conciseness.   There are five videos that play in succession.)

Lesson 8: Transition Words –

Lesson 9: Parenthetical Elements - (Though this video is not an ACT video, it does a good job of recapping the main points regarding parenthetical elements.)                                                     

Lesson 10: English Strategy – *smiley Coming Soon!

Lesson 11: Pronoun Agreement -

Lesson 12: Verb Tense – *smiley Coming Soon!

Lesson 13: Author’s Purpose – *smiley Coming Soon!

Lesson 14: Conciseness -

Lesson 15: Adjectives and Adverbs – *smiley Coming Soon!

Lesson 16: Word Choice – *smiley Coming Soon!

Lesson 17: Coordinating Conjunctions - *smiley Coming Soon!

Lesson 18: Prepositions –

Lesson 19: Run-Ons and Fragments -

Lesson 20: English Pacing – (Also, notice the recommended Youtube ACE the ACT: Tips for Speed and Efficiency on ACT Grammar Questions listed on my webpage under ACT Websites.)

NOTE: The following links are to Youtube videos that discuss English strategy, though they do not discuss the same content as Lesson 10 discusses; nevertheless, the videos are well worth watching.

       4 Key Things to Know About the ACT English Test -

       Best ACT English Prep Strategies, Tips, and Tricks - Common Types of Questions - (copy and paste link into your browser)

       Top ACT English Tips/Strategies - Skipping/Marking Questions -

       Top ACT English Tips/Strategies - Bubbling -

       Top ACT English Tips/Strategies - Managing Time Well -