September, 2016

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I am in the process of making some changes in the library that will make it more user friendly. I am color coding the books to make it easier for your child to find a book on his/her AR level. Also, I am working on getting the books in order so that they are easier to locate. Your child visits the library once a week with his/her class on Tuesday or Wednesday. They can also come to the library with their teacher's permission as needed during the remainder of the week. Your child is allowed to check out 2 books at a time unless they have overdue or missing books. The books are checked out to your child for a period of 2 weeks. Overdue books generate a 5 cent a day fine, and lost books must be paid for if not found. I will be presenting AR rewards for each grade level this year at the end of each nine weeks. I will give a reward for most books read, for highest test average, and for meeting AR point goals. Please read with your child and encourage your child to read daily. 

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