ACT Prep Websites

Websites for ACT Prep

One of the things you can do to help get a higher score on the ACT is to look at the information on various websites. You can find helpful tips, links to other resources (such as the Question of the Day), and practice items. Hopefully you'll find the sites listed below helpful. If you find any other sites that you feel are particularly helpful, SHARE!! Happy hunting!!

Suggestions for various ACT prep websites

You can provide your email address and get periodic helpful information. This site also provides SAT information. Question of the Day

Official ACT website

ACT Tip Tuesday and other helpful information


Also, there are many Youtube clips that are pretty good. Just search around, but beware since not all clips are equally helpful.

A site that offers a ton of helpful information for English grammar, mechanics, and writing in general – not geared to ACT, but a good site, nonetheless

ACE the ACT: Transition Words video -- This is a very good presentation of transition words. It corresponds to Mastery Prep Lesson 8: Transition Words. For whatever reason, you will have to copy and paste the above link into your browser. If this webpage does not allow you to do that, simply write the link down and type it into your browser.  :)

ACE the ACT: Tips for Speed and Efficiency on ACT Grammar Questions -- This is another brief but well-done video to help you speed up your performance on the ACT. Remember, that speed AND accuracy count! Again, copy and paste the link into your browser, or write the link down and type it into your browser.