September Newsletter


Welcome again! I hope all of the students had a wonderful transition back to school during the month of August. As we enter September, we will be completing our writing workshop. So far in this workshop, we have been working on crafting powerful sentences with various beginnings. We have just begun reviewing transitions and how to use them effectively in our writing. 

We plan to do the following during the rest of our workshop:

  • review the MAP provided rubric
  • analyze sample essays and scores provided by MAP
  • craft powerful, logical paragraphs
  • cite evidence from texts we have read
  • explain how that evidence proves a point we are trying to make in our writing
  • compose an essay together as a whole class; discussing precise and effective word choices, transitions, and evidence
  • finally, students will compose an essay independently showcasing the skills they have been learning/practicing this month

Once the above process has been completed, we will return to our reading list, which can be found on the syllabus.