September Newsletter

September Newsletter

Spanish I

This month students will be completing chapters 2 and 3.  In chapter 2, they will  identify family members and the rooms of their houses in Spanish.  Also, they will conjugate the stem-changing irregular verb "tener" and identify some of its special uses.  In chapter 3, identify school-related vocabulary and conjugate 20 regular -ar verbs.  Culturally, we will compare and contrast typical Latin American high schools with American high schools.  

Enrichment:  Students will watch the Guatemala section of the Children of the Earth documentary to examine the life of a typical teenage girl in a mountain village.


Spanish II

This month Spanish II students will also be completing chapters 2 and 3 of the Spanish 2 book.  In chapter 2, they will identify and use vocabulary associated with camping, and they will conjugate and use reflexive verbs.  In chapter 3, they will use vocabulary associated with train travel and conjugate and use irregular preterite tense verbs.  Culturally, we will examine the importance of train travel in South America.

Enrichment:  Students will continue watching "Mi Vida Loca."  This is a Spanish language learning program produced by the BBC.  It allows the students to hear a Castillian Spanish accent and helps them to develop their translation skills of spoken Spanish.