Parent Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians,

First, thank you for sharing your teenager with me. I am incredibly blessed to be at WCHS, and I am incredibly blessed to work with young people. I'm already enjoying teaching my classes. Every day is a new day, and we ALL learn something each day!

I'd like to share a bit about the ACT Prep classes. This year at WCHS, juniors take ACT Prep English, ACT Prep Reading, ACT Prep Science, and ACT Prep Math. As you may know, the State Department of Education mandates that all juniors take the ACT and that certain minimum scores must be met (English 18, Reading 22, Science 18, Math 22). Our district has a vested interest in ensuring that your teenager performs to the very best of his or her ability on the ACT for a couple of reasons: 1) scholarship money for your child and 2) an exceptional district grade since ACT scores factor into our school's and district's grade. Aside from these two reasons is pride. We want our students to have pride in all that they do.

The ACT Prep English class is a nine weeks course. We are using Mastery Prep, a program that has proven results for thousands of teenagers throughout the nation. Please encourage your teenager to work diligently and to continue referring to his or her notes, which share strategies and tips with plenty of examples, even after this class ends, as the ACT will not be given through the school until February. The test given through the district in February is free; however, I encourage taking the test even before then. Repeated exposure to the ACT helps students to become more confident. 

There are many sources for helping your teenager do his or her best on the ACT, including paper and online sources. Most bookstores carry a variety of ACT practice books that have tips, full-length practice tests, and CD's for taking the book's test on the computer. Online sources are abundant. Look at the ACT Sources page I've created for links to some of these sources as well as links to helpful Youtube videos.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this course, please do not hesitate to contact me. You may email me at or call the school at 601-735-2851 to leave a message. I will reply to your email or return your call as soon as possible.

Again, I sincerely thank you for the opportunity to teach your teenager. 

Teresa McKee