September 2016

With the first month of school and all of the accompanying jitters behind us, we're roaring ahead into the school year as our students adjust to the pace of high school.  

Most students are adjusting well, but many students and parents are inquiring as to how they can improve student performance and grades.  My advice to them on that subject - Do Your Homework!

Homework counts 40% of the student's grade, with tests counting 60%.  A student's grade can easily rise or fall at least a letter grade based on homework grades alone.  Not only does homework comprise a major part of a student's grade, but by properly and diligently comleting all homework assignments every night (and we will have homework every school night), they learn how to perform and understand the material being taught.

As in any sport, band, cheerleading, drill team or other activity, you don't practice something one time in order to perfect that skill, but rather over and over until you have a firm grasp on the play, drill, musical score, etc.  So it is with learning algebra or any other subject - Homework is Practice, and Practice Improves Performance.

If any of you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email ( or by phone (601-735-1501).  I'm also available after school several days each week to work with students who need a little extra help with their algebra assignments.  

I look forward to working with both you and your student this year.

Tom Giles   

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