Weekly Scoop




August 22-26, 2016


Please check your child’s folder EVERY night. Important notes, behavior logs, and homework are sent home daily. Completed classwork is also sent for you to keep and see what we’ve been doing.

Please send a complete set of clothes for your child in a gallon Ziploc bag with his or her name on it. In kindergarten, ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!



The following fees must be paid as soon as possible:

Activity Fee - $12           PTO Fee - $5              Tablet Fee - $1


Goals for the Week

  • write first and last name
  • read sight words
  • compare groups using more, less, or fewer
  • recognize digits 1-5
  • identify characters, settings
  • identify initial sounds in words
  • sequence events

Reading sight words: the    little

Math sight words: more   fewer    less

Letters: Oo   Pp   Qq   Rr   Ss

From our story: lost    found    around




Worksheet packs are sent home on Monday. Pages should be completed and returned by Friday. Please don’t try to do it all in one night!


The decodable reader should be read to, with, and by your child EVERY night. On Friday it must be read for a test grade.


Community Service Project

Schools throughout Wayne county will be gathering supplies to send to families affected by the recent flooding in Louisiana. Many of them have lost everything they owned. If you are able, please send at least 1 item. Canned foods and diapers are especially needed.