February 22-26

Week of February 22-26

Mrs. Tammy Stokley


  • Identify the letter Rr
  • Identify or produce sound for R
  • Identify words/pictures with initial R sound
  • Write or Trace letter Rr
  • Identify the numbers 1-10
  • Say the alphabet from memory
  • Counting to 20 from memory
  • Count up to ten items using finger to guide
  • Naming letters in own name.
  • Listening attentively to a story and answering short questions
  • Identify characters in a story
  • Taking Turns
  • Following Directions
  • Naming seasons of the year. 
  • Washing and drying hands


  • We are still collecting dimes for Relay for Life.  Please send any dimes you may be able to spare for this worthy cause. 
  • Please continue to send Box Tops for Education as you get them. 
  • March 2 we will celebrate Read Across America day.  We will send more information on this as we receive it. 

Looking ahead:  Spring Break will be March 7-11