November 9-13

Week of November 9-13

Mrs. Tammy Stokley


  • Identify the letter Jj
  • Identify or produce sound for J
  • Identify words/pictures with initial J sound
  • Write or Trace letter Jj
  • Identify the number 10
  • Identify groups of 10
  • Write or trace number 10
  • Identify the color black
  • Identify objects that are black
  • Say the alphabet from memory
  • Counting to 20 from memory
  • Count up to ten items using finger to guide
  • Taking Turns
  • Washing and drying hands


School will be out November 20-November 30, 2015 for Thanksgiving.  We return to school on Monday, November 30, 2015.

Kindergarten Luncheon will be Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  Parents will be allowed to come to eat Thanksgiving lunch with their children.  The cost of lunch is $3 per tray.  We will send a note with instructions and times when this information becomes available.