October 13, 2015

October 13, 2015


            We are now in our second 9 weeks of school!!! I am seeing some progress with my students and I am very excited about what the next 9 weeks hold for them. Things will begin to get more difficult as we begin new skills so please continue to work with your child each night on reading, math, and sight words. There will be a new sight word list sent home next week for the second 9 weeks.


  1. PTO - $5.00 deadline is the end of October
  2. Activity Fee - $12.00 – deadline is end of October
  3. PTO – October 19th
  4. Food drive ends October 30th (Please send canned foods to support this cause. We are competing against Buckatunna)
  5. Reading Fair – October 29th – Deadline for projects will be October 28th (Mrs. Lal has reading fair boards in her office for $3.00)
  6. Fall Festival is set for October 22nd
  7. WCHS Homecoming is October 16th
  8. Dress up week for Homecoming October 13-16 (a note was sent home with the options for dressing each day of this week)
  9. Report Cards – October 15th
  10. Accelerated Reading – We will begin going to the library during the second 9 weeks. Your child will bring home a library book. Please help them read the words and ask them questions about what they read. They will begin testing and getting grades on this very soon.
  11. Tardies – Please get your child to school on time if they do not ride the bus. We begin working as soon as they arrive in the classroom and the children who arrive late are missing vital instruction time in the mornings. If your child arrives after 7:50 then they are tardy.

Please pay attention to your child’s grades. Some students are struggling in certain areas and we are working hard to help these students by having interventionists pull them and work with them in certain areas, but your help is also very important and is appreciated very much.


  1. ELA – Setting, Characters, and Sequence (what happens first, next, and last) in the story
  1. Letters – Pp
  2. Math – Counting and writing numbers 0-20, reading numbers, shapes
  3. Social Studies: Needs and Wants
  4. Science – Animals

As always thank you for your support and if I can be of assistance in any please do not hesitate to call me at the school at 601-735-2205. Also, please make plans to set up a conference to discuss your child’s grades and progress.

Thank you,

Regina Odom