September 21-25

Week of September 21-25

Mrs. Tammy Stokley


  • Identify the letter Gg
  • Identify or produce sound for G
  • Identify words/pictures with initial G sound
  • Write or Trace letter Gg
  • Identify the number 7
  • Identify groups of 7
  • Write or trace number 7
  • Identify star
  • Identify objects that are shaped like a star
  • Identify the color gray
  • Identify objects that are gray
  • Constitution Day activities
  • Sharing
  • Putting toys away
  • Table manners


The Constitution Day Program will be Friday, September 25.  The dress code for the program is blue jean or khaki shorts and the Constitution Day shirts (We have those here and will put them on the children after breakfast.).

Please consider participating in our PTO fundraiser.  The PTO does a lot of great things for our students and school and they need our support in order to continue to help.

If you have not paid your child's $12 activity fee, please do so as soon as possible.  It must be paid in full by October 31.