Aug 24 - Aug 28


  • The students will complete the weekly assessment on “Occupation: Conductorette.”
  • The students will begin their first draft of a narrative autobiography.


  • The student will revise their autobiographies and turn in a final draft.
  • The student will complete the Reading for Information selection in the Pearson textbook. 
  • The teacher will introduce Comparing Literary Works: “Marion Anderson: Famous Concert Singer” by Langston Hughes and “Tepeyac” by Sandra Cisneros.


  • The student will continue to analyze and compare the authors’ writing styles for the selections. 
  • The student will complete activities associated with the story including the Anticipation Guide and worksheets from the All-in-One workbook as well as the Critical Thinking Questions in the textbook.


  • The student will complete an open book test on the reading selections with a partner.


  • The students will complete the weekly test on “Marion Anderson: Famous Concert Singer” and “Tepeyac.”
  • The students will write an explanatory essay comparing the authors’ use of style in the selections.