August 24-28

For the week of August 24-28 we will be working on the following skills:

  • The letter Cc
  • The sound for Cc
  • The number 3 (recognizing, tracing/writing, identifying groups of two)
  • Identifying triangles
  • Identifying the color green, name objects that are blue
  • Walking in line appropriately
  • The classroom rules
  • Going through the serving line at breakfast and lunch

Things that are due:

  • $12 activity fee is due by October 31, 2015 if not already paid.
  • $5 PTO membership
  • If you have not sent two proofs of residency (for months of July or August only) please send as soon as possible.


Community Night is scheduled for August 31, 2015 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Wayne County High School.