Scope of work

September 2016


Students will be learning Topic 2 Variables, Expressions, and Properties. They will use and identify all the properties (Associative, Commutative,Identity Property, and Distributive property.) Students will also use Order Of Operations to solve problems.

***We use our Math Workbooks EVERYDAY for classwork. If they do not complete their classwork in class, it will have to be completed for homework. Check over your child's work daily :) 

Social Studies:Students will know the important facts about Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean.

***Students will use textbook in class and workbooks 

EVERYDAY. Incomplete classwork will be homework.


All TH grade students must pay $5.00 Math Fee. The math fee is due by September 6, 2016. 

** Mexico State Flag Project due Friday September 2, 2016 for Test Grade.

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