August 5 - August 7

Wednesday, August 5

  • Welcome back!
  • The teacher will review the course syllabus and classroom procedures.
  • The teacher will introduce Unit 1: Ficition and Nonfiction and the Big Question: "Is there a difference between reality and truth?"
  • The teacher will introduce the objectives for the week: plot, foreshadowing, flashback, making predictions, and vocabulary.
  • The students will begin reading "The Monkey's Paw."

Thursday, August 6

  • The students will complete the reading of "The Monkey's Paw."
  • The teacher will monitor student comprehension through worksheets such as the Anticipation Guide and oral questioning. 
  • The teacher will introduce the grammar skill: Common and Proper Nouns. 

Friday, August 7

  •  The students will complete a plot graph to demonstrate their comprehension of plot.
  • The studetns will complete the All in One workbook pages, which will test their skills in each of the objectives for the week.