August 10th-14th

Mrs. Regina Odom’s Newsletter

August 10, 2015

We had a great first three days of school last week. This week, the students will recognize letters, sounds, and numbers 1-5.

In Kindergarten, we have “sight words” which are words that your child will need to learn in order to be a great reader. Please work with your child at home to help them learn to recognize these words. We will have new sight words every two weeks.

Kindergarteners are learning to name all the letters of the alphabet. Within the first few weeks of school the students will have had all of the letters of the alphabet introduced to them. After all of the letters have been introduced, we will work with the students on learning each letter more thoroughly.

Reading/Language Arts:

  • Letters for the week are: /As/ /Bb/ /Cc/ /Dd/ /Ee/
  • Identify sight words: /I/ /am/

Hand Writing:

  • Students will continue practicing writing their names correctly.


  • Count sets of objects 1-5; practice writing and identifying numbers

Amazing Words:

  • first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth

Character Education word for August:

  • Responsibility- Being accountable for your own actions without blaming others.


Please talk to your child about his/her behavior. All students must listen in order to learn. It is necessary for teachers to be firm the first few weeks of school in order for the children to understand how important learning and following the rules are. This is only fair to all students so that they are given the best opportunity possible to learn. I will be enforcing our discipline chart this week and I will be sending a note home to inform you if your child had to move their clip due to a behavior problem. I have already made a connection with each of my students and I love each and every one of them. I only want what is in the best interest of my students.

If you have not paid your child’s PTO ($5.00) and Activity fee ($12.00), please send them as soon as possible.

Snack: We have snacks each afternoon. You may send your child a snack from home or $1.25 will buy them a bag of chips/candy and a juice.

Please check your child’s homework folder each night for notes and make sure they complete their homework correcty.

Please send a note if your child is to ride a different bus or if they are going to be car bell when they normally ride a bus.

Thank you,

Mrs. Regina Odom