2014-2015 Plan of Action



Evaluation 2014-2015

Plan of Action 2015-2016


          The Waynesboro Middle School STRETCH program provided differentiated instruction to 29 students in grades five through eight during the 2014-2015 school year. At the end of the year, STRETCH Instructor Fay Wells solicited input from students, parents, building administrators, and regular education teachers on the program’s performance. The collected data were analyzed and revealed the following information:

Evaluation Results

          The STRETCH program received excellent marks in all areas assessed from all those participating in the evaluation. Marked improvements were shown in the evaluation of self by the students. Of the 17 areas assessed 86 percent or better of the 29 students responding judged themselves to have improved “more or much more.” These areas included the ability to write better (97 percent), ability to make decisions (97 percent), knowledge of strengths and weaknesses (97 percent), ability to think creatively/use my imagination (97 percent), willingness to work as a leader (93 percent), ability to find and use information for a purpose (90 percent), ability to take risk (90 percent), ability to identify problems and work toward solving them (90 percent), and ability to think things through for myself (90 percent). The weakest area assessed remained the ability to be more organized (55 percent).

          Growth was shown in 10 of the 17 areas assessed with the ability to make decisions adding 20 percentage points, ability to take risks up 13 percentage points, ability to find and use information for a purpose up 13ercent; and ability to identify a problem and work toward solving it up 9 percentage points.

          The program itself received high marks from the building administrators, parents, the students, and the regular education teacher. The building administrator said that the students exhibited a positive attitude toward the program and that the STRETCH teacher shared resources pertaining to the needs of gifted children.

          One hundred percent ratings were earned on all five areas assessed by the parents. They said they felt the child’s attitude was positive about the program, that they had a positive attitude about the program, that they had a realistic picture of the child’s progress, that their children appeared to be interested or motivated by the learning experiences, and that the teacher had made attempts to communicate with them.

          The Waynesboro Middle School STRETCH program received excellent results from the students during the annual program evaluation. Twelve of the 14 areas assessed received ratings of 90 percent or better. Two areas received 100 percent ratings, two received 97 percent ratings, five received 93 percent ratings, three received 90 percent ratings, one received an 86 percent rating, and one received an 83 percent rating.

          Although only 83 percent of students reported the activities in class as being challenging, this was a six percent increase over last year’s ratings. The second lowest area rated by the student was being involved in learning activities more often that listening to the teacher talk. This revealed a drop of six percentage points from the previous year.

          The teachers responding gave 100 percent ratings on each of the areas assessed. One teacher reported being uncertain of what actually occurred in the gifted classroom.

          The STRETCH instructor was also given high marks by the students. All ratings were 90 percent or better. One hundred percent of students reported that the teacher gave encouragement, support, and positive criticism during the year. Ninety-seven percent of the students reported that the teacher had given them a chance to decide units. Ninety-three percent said that they understood what the teacher meant for them to learn from the activity. This was a slight decrease from the previous year, down 3 percent, but still much higher than the 74 percent rating received in 2012-2013. All other areas assessed earned 90 percent ratings.

Plan of Action

          The excellent ratings earned by the program indicate that the program is performing well. The teacher will continue to build upon the foundation

established in the 2014-2015 school year. Based on the findings, the following plan will be implemented during the 2015-2016 school year.

          The teacher will implement organizational activities and will check notebooks periodically to check for organization. The teacher will provide more hands-on activities for the students as well as more outside activities.

               Goal 1: Students will participate in project-based learning.

               Goal 2: Students will perform in various school-related programs.

          The teacher will continue to strive for clarity in the understanding of objectives and outcomes of planned assignments.