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May 16- 20

Comprehensive Final Exam  8th grade MS Studies and World Geography

  1.  Mississippi is located in the ______________region of the US.
  2. Name 2 tribes of Native Americans that lived in MS.__________________
  3. What is the state bird of Mississippi?_________________________
  4. What is the state flower of Mississippi?________________________
  5. Mississippi is nicknamed the _______________state.
  6. Mississippi has how many counties-______________
  7. What is the capital of Mississippi?_________________
  8. Who was the first governor of Mississippi?  ___________________
  9. Who is the governor of Mississippi now? ______________________
  10. Name 4 nations that have flown flags over Mississippi. ____________________________________________________________
  11. When was Mississippi admitted to the Union? _______________
  12. What crop became known as king in Mississippi during the Flush Times? ___________
  13. What insect destroyed the crop? ______________________
  14. What governor was known as “The Great White Chief”? _______________________
  15. A small group of powerful politicians and Jackson businessmen who dominated State Legislature from the early 1950’s to the early 1970’s were called the _______________
  16. What was the nickname for the Natchez Trace? __________________
  17. Who killed Medgar Evars?
  18. Mississippi’s most prestigious journalist was? _______________________
  19. What famous Mississippi author wrote A Time to KILL? ________________
  20. The greatest Mississippi Blues artist was______________.
  21. Who is known as the King of Rock and Roll? _________________________
  22. One of the most widely known puppeteers in history, born in Greenville was _______________.
  23. What has replaced cotton farms as the number one product in MS Delta? __________________
  24. The Mississippi territory was divided into which two states? ____________
  25. Who was the first African American to attend the University of Mississippi? ___________
  26. The first female Lt. Governor was_____________________.
  27. What was the largest disaster to ever hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast?
  28. Mississippi State beverage is ______.
  29. Mississippi is located in what time zone? ___________
  30. The largest county in Mississippi is ______________.
  31. The smallest county in Mississippi is ________.
  32. We live in _________county.
  33. We live in the country of ______________________.
  34. We live on the continent of ___________________.
  35. Wayne County was named after ____________________.
  36. Mississippi has operated under ____ constitutions.
  37. Who is the Lt. Governor of Mississippi now? ___________________________
  38. What city is known as “The Crossroads of the South”? __________________________
  39. Lines that run North and South are called______________________________.
  40. Lines that run West and East are called__________________________________.
  41. Lines that run side by side are called __________________.
  42. Half the globe is called a ____________________________.
  43. The earth’s spinning of its axis is called ______________________.
  44. What is the name of the largest fresh water lake in the world? ________________________
  45. What is the name of the world’s largest desert that stretches all the way across North Africa? _______________________________
  46. What is the name of the longest river in Africa? ________________
  47. What religion is practiced in India that considers the cow sacred? __________________
  48. Name the 7 continents.  



  1. Name the oceans


  1. Name the 5 Great Lakes._________________________________________
  2. What is the official language of Quebec? ____________________________
  3. How many territories does Canada have? ________
  4. What is the first 10 amendments called? ___________________________
  5. Who is the mayor of Waynesboro? _________________________________
  6. What is the highest mountain range in the Continental US? _______________________
  7. What military base is located south of Hattiesburg? ___________________
  8. Trees that shed their leaves when winter approaches are _____________________.
  9. Plant eating animals are called_________________.
  10. The area’s temperature and level of precipitation over a long period of time is ________.
  11. A layer of soil just below the surface on the tundra is known as _________________.
  12. A growth of a city’s population is called ____________________.
  13. Average number of people in a square mile is called _______________.
  14. Material people take from the environment to meet their needs is called _____________.
  15. Energy that is produced from the earth’s internal heat is _______________.
  16. What name is given to the movie industry in India is __________________________.
  17. The boundary that separates the rivers flowing west from rivers flowing east in the US is called the _________________________.
  18. Territory separate from but subject to a ruling power is called a ________________.
  19. The ability to read and write is called ______________.
  20. The rivers and streams that flow into a river are called ______________
  21. The _________________Revolution introduced the era of factory made goods.
  22. Bordering on or related to the sea is ________________.
  23. To withdraw is to _________________.
  24. The imaginary line that splits the earth in half is called the _______________________.
  25. When one does not take sides in a conflict, they are considered ______________.
  26. The trade agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico is ____________________.


7th grade 


  1. What impact did the destruction of the buffalo herds have on the Native Americans?
  2. Why would the government support the settlement of the west?
  3. How did life of the plains Indians change when the settlers, miners, and railroads moved west?
  4. What innovations shaped the 1800s?
  5. Are all corporations’ monopolies?
  6. What was the effect of industrial growth on workers?
  7. What group of immigrants came to cities from the south?
  8. How were the immigrants that came to the U.S. in the 1800s different from those that came before the civil war?


  1. How did industrialization and immigration change life in America?
  2. What were the goals of the progressives?
  3. How did progressive politics affect the presidency?
  4. List some accomplishments of the progressive presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson?
  5. How did the U.S. practice isolationism prior to the late 1800s?
  6. How did U.S. expansionism help industry?
  7. What role did newspapers play in war?
  8. What territories did the U.S. Gain during Spanish American War?
  9. Why did the U.S. enter world war one (WWI)?
  10.  What were the results of World War 1?
  11. What was the Great Depression?
  12. How did President Hoover try to fight the depression?
  13. What were the goals of the new deal?
  14. What affect did the New Deal have on the government?
  15. What great injustice was done to the Japanese?
  16. In what countries did fascist dictators take power?
  17. How many Jews were killed by the Germans?
  18. What things were rationed at home during the war
  19. How did the Korean War End?
  20. What was decided in the Brown vs. Board of Education case?
  21. What was an immediate result of the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  22. What reason did George W. Bush give for toppling the government of Saddam Hussein?

31.  Define reservation

32.  Define suffrage

33.  What did it mean to buy on the margin? (587)

34.  What is appeasement?

35.  Define totalitarian state

36.  Define cold war

37.  What is deregulation?

38.  Define détente

39.  Define terrorism