February 1st-February 5th

Students will begin reading the chapter book, Dolphins at Daybreak  this week.

 The following skills

will be covered in each subject area:



-Table of Contents

-Graphic Sources/Important Ideas

-Writing answers to discussion questions using complete sentences

READ AR BOOKS EACH NIGHT!! STUDENTS MUST HAVE AN 80 OR ABOVE AVERAGE! Students will receive an AR grade for the 2nd 9-weeks which will be recorded with other reading grades.  Please make sure you are reading with your child!


-Subject and Object Pronouns


-Vowels- R-Controlled

-Monday-Write words 3 times each.

Tuesday-Stair-Step style

Wednesday-ABC Order

Thursday-Choose 10 of the 20 words.  Write a sentence using each word in context.  All sentences MUST have at least 8-10 words.

Friday-Spelling Test


Topic 8:

-Relating Multiplication and Division

-Fact families with 2, 3, 4, and 5

-Fact Families 6 and 7

-Fact Families 8 and 9

Review Flashcards with students on 0's -6's!!!!

We have daily speed drills on multiplication.

Test Schedule for this Week:

Friday-Reading, Spelling, and Math Tests


-Cells and Body Systems (continued)


-Please make sure your child is at school each day on time!

-If you have NOT paid Activity Fees ($12) or PTO ($5) please do so as soon as possible.

-WES Book Fair February 1st- February 8th

-3rd Grade Field Trip- February 8th- Gulf Port, MS

**See Field Trip Reminders attached to this note.

I am enjoying this wonderful week with your child!

Mrs. Cran