Scope of Work

Semester One

1st 9 Weeks

Aug 10-14 ELA : Working with prepositions/prepositional phrases, Sentence Structure, 4 Kinds of Sentences

Reading: Story "Stray"  Will test on Friday Aug. 14

Computer : Reviewing and practicing Standard English Mechanics @

Spelling: Unit 1 - short vowel words

Social Studies: Tools of Geography Core Concepts 1.1-1.5 Quiz on Thursday Aug. 13, Students will be able to recognize the 5 themes of geography, how to read and use maps, types of maps, and features on maps.

Aug 17-21 : ELA Sentence structure, simple subjects, simple predicates, simple, compound and complex sentences

Reading " The Homecoming" Test Friday 
Aug 21, storyelements, exposition, rising action, falling action, resolution

Spelling Unit 2 - long vowels

Computer - Star Reading and Math Testing, practice Standard English Mechanics

Social Studies - Core Concepts sections 2.1 - 2.5 Assessment on Friday 8/21

Aug 24 - 28: continuing to work with prepositional phrases, introducing Adjectives, and reviewing sentence structure for post test on Fri.

Reading "The Drive - In Movies"  and Narrative Perspective/Author's Point of View Test on Friday

Spelling - Unit 3 

Computer- Practice Standard English, (library on Mondays at computer time)

Social Studies - Core Concepts .31 - 3.6, Assessment on Friday

Aug. 31 - Sept. 4

ELA - Reading/Lit. "The Market Square Dog" Skill - Making Predictions

Review Narrative Perspective, prepositional phrases used as adjectives/adverbs

Spelling Unit 4

Computer - Practice Standard English Mechanics

Social Studies - Chapter 1 The United States 

September 8-11

ELA - language arts, fact/opinion, possessive nouns, singular/plural possessive nouns. compound/complex sentences.

SPELLING - Unit 5 /r/ controlled vowels

Reading - "My PaPa"  by Mark Twain

Computer - Practice Standard English Mechanics

Social Studies - Chapter 1 Section 2, define all terms, complete assessment questions, complete all workbook pages for sec. 1

September 14-18 

ELA - language arts, fact/opinion, direct/indirect objects, nouns

Spelling - Unit 6

Reading - "Why Monkeys Live in Trees", "The Case of Monkeys That Fall from Trees"

Computer - Standard English Mechanics

Social Studies - Chapter 2 Canada