Required Course to Take

9th Grade Schedules, 

Students going to 10th


9th Grade Acc. Schedules

Students going to 10th, 

Accelerated Courses


10th grade Schedules,

Students going to 11th


Required Classes   Required Classes     Required Classes
English 10 Writing   English 10 Writing     *English III, Comp I, English II Acc- (choose 1)
English II   English II Acc     **Algebra II, Geometry, or Algebra III (choose 1)
Intro to Biology   Biology I Adv     ***Science
Biology I   Algebra II     US Gov/Eco
Algebra II   Geometry     US History or AP US History
US Gov/Eco   US Gov/Eco      
          Choose 3 electives
Choose 2 electives   Choose 2 electives      
          *If you sign up for Comp I, you must have you ACT score of 17 on the English Section.
          Otherwise sign up for English III
          ** You must have 4 maths for graduation.  Transition to Algebra will count as one of those credits.
          *** If you did not take Physical Science- You MUST take Phys. Sci OR Chemistry
2 Year Programs at CTE Center      
NOTE: If you wish to take a 2 year vocational program, you MUST see Mrs. Carol Taylor at the CTE Center to get an application sheet.  
Students are accepted into those classes based on attendance, behavior, and academics.  
Health Science I is for 11th Grade Only!






For questions regarding requirements, courses, pathways... you must schedule an appointment with the counselor to dicuss options available.


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