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January 27 – Blood Drive at WES

Spelling Words


  1. around
  2. gown
  3. out
  4. coil
  5. howl
  6. pound
  7. cow
  8. moist
  9. royal
  10. flower
  11. noise
  12. toy

Notes from the teacher:


  • It is very cold so please make sure to send your child with a warm coat and a hoody.
  • Boys need to wear a BELT.  There will be no sagging tolerated.  Girls should not wear tights, leggings, or jeggings without shirts or dresses that come down to two inches above their knees.
  • AR points are very important.  Students should be reading and testing 2 books a week.

Spelling focus

Diphthongs ou,ow,oi,oy

Comprehension Skill:

Fact and Opinion






Social studies

  • “Soil”
  • Practice handwriting daily


  • Place Value to 1,000
  • Landforms and 50 states