January 12 - January 16


  • The teacher will introduce the Reading Skill: Evaluate Persuasion and the Literary Analysis Skill: Analytic and Interpretive Essays.
  • The students will complete introductory activities such as the reading and vocabulary warm-ups.
  • The students will complete a first-read of “The American Idea” by Theodore White.
  • The teacher will review last Friday’s assessment and research task results with the students.



  • The teacher will review the Reading and the Literary Analysis Skills.
  • The teacher will introduce degrees of adjectives.
  • The students will complete activities associated with the essay, such as the All-in-One workbook Pages and the reading skill questions.  



  • The teacher will review the activities from the previous day to check for understanding.
  • The students will complete the Open-book-test as a review of the Literary Analysis and Reading Skills and in preparation for the weekly test.



  • Students will complete the weekly test.


  • The teacher will introduce the writing activity.
  • The students will write a critique.