November 17 - November 21

Scope of Work Week 16


  • The teacher will introduce the reading skill of analyzing the main idea in the expository essay "The Spider and the Wasp".
  • The student will complete activities associated with the stories including the Critical Thinking and Reading Check questions in the textbook.
  • The student will complete activities associated with the selection including the and Vocabulary/Reading Warm Up sheets.
  • Introductory videos will be utilized to relate the selection to students' everyday lives. 


  • Students will continue reading and conducting a literary analysis of our weekly essay.
  • The student will complete the Critical Thinking Questions and After You Read activities in the textbook.
  • Students with a partner will complete activities on main idea and the story in the All In One workbook. 


  • The teacher will review the reading skills and literary analysis skills related to the selection.
  • The student will individually complete the Open-Book Test associated with the short story.


  • Students will take their weekly test on the reading selection.


  • The teacher will review the results of the weekly test. 
  • Students will compose a business letter.

Enrichment Activities will include activities from the Pearson Website. 

Remediation Activities will include completing the Reading Skill Graphic Organizer A  and/or the Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer A to reinforce the reading and literary skills. This activity can be completed using cooperative learning groups.